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Who are We?

We are UnderCover, the cover band to bring you a variety of tunes spanning across the genres and eras!   Four of our members were previously in a Motown band together, but were looking to start a band of their own with less limitations. Thus the earliest idea of UnderCover was formed.  Aaron Joined shortly after, followed by Eric, to complete our band!



Kelly -   Vocals

F.B.I. Agent. 

Cannot talk about current events.  Once caught an enemy by swinging a microphone stand at them.


Chuck  -   Bass

D.E.A. Agent.

He says it all goes to evidence but his eyes are always red.


Susan -   Vocals

F.B.I. Agent.

Cannot talk about current events. Currently developing a working microphone that doubles as a taser.


Marty -   Keys/Sax


You might think your hiding, but he uses that beautiful keyboard sound on stage is gathering your information if you're his target. The sax....well that's just for music.


Aaron    -   Guitar


We Don't know much about him.  It's rumored his guitar is capable of shooting out pure sulfuric acid, but no one has ever seen it.


Eric -   Drums


If he doesn't knock you out with his sonic drum set, he will toss his drumsticks out like boomerangs to get the job the done.  

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