Who are We?

We are UnderCover, the cover band to bring you a variety of tunes spanning across the genres and eras!   Four of our members were previously in a Motown band together, but were looking to start a band of their own with less limitations. Thus the earliest idea of UnderCover was formed.  After one "audition" for Aaron and Paul, we are thrilled to find our idea has come together!  


Kelly -   Vocals

FB.I. Agent.  Cannot talk about current events.  Once caught an enemy by swinging a microphone stand at them.

Chuck  -   Bass

D.E.A. Agent.  They say it all goes to evidence but his eyes are red all of the time.

Susan -   Vocals

F.B.I. Agent.  Cannot talk about current events. Currently developing a working microphone that doubles as a taser.

Marty -   Keys/Sax

Works in various vice squads to stop public-order crimes like gambling, narcotics, and illegal sales of alcohol. At least he says its official, but we think he just likes the lifestyle too much.

Aaron    -   Guitar

C.I.A. We Don't know much about him.  It's rumored his guitar is capable of shooting out pure sulfuric acid, but no one has ever seen it.

Paul -   Drums

Cyber Threat Unit.  Clicks on some signs on a screen and apparently is saving the world from cyber hackers, but mostly is listening to his iTunes playlist and playing video games.